Facilities Management & Operations

Facilities Management & Operations

CBO provides customized Facilities Management & Operations solutions to industries with specialized and high-security needs, such as mining, oil and gas, research, and surveillance.

Airport Services

Airport Services

CBO delivers turnkey facilities management services for aerodromes. Our clients’ facilities includes small airfields, large private airports, military flight training centres, and military bases.

Department of National Defence

Department of National Defence

CBO offers facilities management and logistical support services tailored to the unique requirements of the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND).


Facilities Maintenance and Operations

For over 25 years, Canadian Base Operators has provided customized facilities management and logistical support services to clients in the Canadian Defence, aviation, and energy sectors. We are a performance-based contractor, committed to partnering with our clients to ensure the long-term success of their highly specialized facilities and operations.

With our Corporate Office located in Collingwood, Ontario we provide hard and soft facilities management services, and airport services across Canada. We are also experienced in providing turnkey facility management services for aerodromes and complete maintenance and management solutions for remote research and surveillance sites in the most critical environments. We draw on our real-world experience managing high security and specialized facilities to provide our clients with quality customized solutions.

Meeting the Toughest Challenges in the most Critical Environments

Canadian Base Operators has a wide range of knowledge and expertise in facilities management in remote, diverse and high security environments. Industries with these unique environments and high security needs such as airports, mining, oil and gas, and remote arctic sites have all sought out the quality service that Canadian Base Operators’ consistently provides.

CBO has honed a facility management philosophy which aligns with industry practices specifically suited for remote locations. CBO is focused on safety first, understanding that working in harsh climates is often dangerous. CBO provides superior training and ensures our employees are equipped with all the tools necessary to securely meet environmental challenges. CBO constantly assesses constricting factors such as the need for seasonal access to resources, limited energy supply, and the reliance on airstrip or helipad operation as the sole entry-point to our work sites.

Outstanding service, safety, and flexibility: these are CBO’s core strengths.


CBO is committed to promoting the economic, environmental, and overall well-being of communities. We put this commitment into action by providing fair and equal opportunity for local communities to supply, subcontract, and/or consult on project undertakings and by acting as a good corporate citizen.

We consult with community members about our business activities and work to mitigate any adverse impacts of our presence through positive actions and programs.

Our Experience

Providing Exceptional Services from Coast to Coast to Coast

Our Operational Sites and Historical Sites

CBO supports successful operations at military bases, aerodrome facilities, and other specialized sites across Canada. From the oil sands of Alberta to the vast Canadian arctic, we’re equipped to provide customized facilities management and logistical support solutions for our clients’ most critical environments.

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Partnering with Our Clients to Achieve Long-term Success

Consistent Dependable Service

August 29, 2019

“…I can’t help but notice the MSR road shoulders, ditches and fence lines are being well maintained and cut back. It is a constant effort to keep these areas free of vegetation; these maintained areas act as a firebreak barrier to slow the progress of bushfires…This effort is noticed and appreciated by myself and the DND.”

4th Canadian Division Training Centre, Meaford

Exceptional Service

June 30, 2019

“On behalf of Shell Canada Ltd.—Oil Sands Logistics, please accept our sincere thanks and appreciation for the exceptional service provided by Canadian Base Operators during the May 2016 Fort McMurray wild fire evacuation…CBO, Shell’s contracted operator of the Aerodrome, was the keystone in the safe execution of this unprecedented undertaking. I personally witnessed the dedication, perseverance and consistent professionalism demonstrated throughout this exceptionally trying period. Based on my observations, CBO employees are firmly committed to safety, recognize when to intervene and are true masters of their roles; never has it been more clearly demonstrated than during this period.”

Shell Canada Ltd.

Have Never Seen the Station in As Good Shape As CBO Has Maintained

September 14, 2012

“Having been intimately involved with CFS Alert for over 50 Years I am also pleased to report that I have never seen the station in as good shape as CBO has maintained it over these past 4 years – this includes Janitorial Services/Bldg Cleanliness, Both Domestic and Airfield Snow and Ice Control Pgms (SNIC), Power Plant Operations, Vehicle Maintenance, Bulk Fuel and Water Plant Operations.”

Canadian Forces Station Alert

Always Forward Thinking and Aggressive Resolving Issues

July 27, 2012

“CBO was always forward thinking and aggressive in addressing and resolving any technical maintenance issues encountered. Further, the team was always willing to provide advice, engineering or otherwise, even when the issue was not necessarily yours to resolve. The team also provided continuity and helped facilitate the success of rotating military personnel, who greatly benefited from the sharing of your local knowledge and experience.”

Canadian Forces Station Alert

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